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Lightroom Mobile not seeing edits from other apps

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Dec 21, 2011
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LR Mobile 6.1.0
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  1. iOS
If I open an image on my iPhone 12 Pro, edits to images that were made in the Apple camera app, Snapseed, Raw Power, etc. are not recognized by Lightroom Mobile. Only the original, unprocessed image appears to be available to Lightroom. The other apps play nicely with each other. I can make an adjustment with the Apple app, then Raw Power, then Snapseed and all of the edits are preserved. But, if I open it in LR Mobile, I can only see the 'as shot' image. Is anyone having a different experience?
You say "if I open it in LR Mobile", but you cannot open an image in Lightroom Mobile like you can in other apps. You import images into Lightroom Mobile, which in this case means that a copy is made and stored online. And that means that Lightroom Mobile may see edits you made prior to importing the image (if you import a derivative image, not a raw image), but after you imported the image you work with a different copy.
Thanks for the explanation. It looks like I need to delete an image and re import it to see edits made in other apps. I don't understand your comment about RAW images. Edits to those appear as expected in LR. Perhaps because I'm working with Apple ProRaw, which are DNG, and edits are stored in the metadata.
What I mean is this: Apple Photos edits raw images in the same way as Lightroom does: it does not change the raw data itself, but stores the edits as a kind of 'to do list' in metadata. That list is applied when you save/export the raw image as jpeg or tiff. This jpeg or tiff is called a 'derivative image'. All raw editors work this way. That means that if you edit a raw image in Apple Photos, and then import this raw image in Lightroom, you will not see the 'Apple edits' in Lightroom, because Lightroom can't read the 'to do list' of Apple Photos (or any other raw editor for that matter).
Thanks; I do understand and I beg to differ. Apple's ProRaw files are DNG format and Lightroom reads them and any edits with no problem. If I modify a ProRaw image in Apple's photo editor (or Snapseed, or Raw Power) and then import it into Lightroom Mobile, all of the edits will be visible in LR and it will still be a DNG file. My earlier mistake was expecting images that had been previously imported to be updated in LR if edited in one of those other programs.
That’s interesting. It could mean that Lightroom now reads the non-destructive edits of some other raw editors, but it could also mean something else. You say the image is still DNG and so you conclude it is still raw, but a DNG file is not by definition a raw file. DNG files can also contain linear RGB data. Maybe that is what Apple and the other apps do.
OK, I'm falling on my sword. I see that when LRM imports the DNG file, it reverts it to the original unprocessed version. My goal was to process the DNG in RAW Power (which actually gets inside the Apple ProRaw format and allows adjustments to the HDR processing, etc.) and then to further edit it in LRM. So I processed the image and exported it as a TIF. Then I learned that LRM (uniquely, to my knowledge) doesn't recognize TIF files. I find that fairly incredible, but guess that I won't be able to use it in my mobile workflow. Thanks for your insights.
Thanks, I've read this and am begining to get my arms around ProRaw. It may not be Raw in the technical sense, but it's a game changer on the iPhone because it retains so much more information than HEIC or JPEG. Hopefully, Adobe will come out with an update to ACR that will allow you to unlock more of this data. For now, apps like Raw Power (by the creators of Aperture) do a pretty good job. It's unfortunate that LR Mobile isn't able to then import a TIF exported from Raw Power, Snapseed, and other apps. I use LR pretty much exclusively on my desktop and am still struggling with how to marry the Apple and Adobe ecosystems.
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