Lightroom is not recognizing the same image in Develop mode as it show in Library mode

Nov 26, 2019
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Lightroom Build 202103041821-226a1211
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  1. Windows 10
Hello all, I am a long time Lightroom and Photoshop user, This is the first time have used this forum. I have a strange anomaly affecting two different issues and I think they might be linked. I have never seen either before. I am using Lightroom and Photoshop CC on a Windows 10 computer. software, including Windwos 10 are current.

I edited a portrait in photoshop 2021 launched from lightroom's "Edii In" feature. After doing basic retouching, I created a transparent background. I then saved the picture to my computer as a psd. I went back to lightroom. The image updated showing a white background in place of the transparent background (which is normal). I noticed a couple of edits I that needed updating including an area that was missed during the transparent background work. I went back to Photoshop (still open) and fixed the missing edits. I saved the portrait and returned to Lightroom where I normally add a vignette.

After the second edit in Photoshop, the library mode image looked fine. I selected develop mode to add the vignette. The image in develop mode showed the prior image, as if it never updated. I exited both Lightroom and Photoshop multiple times, including rebooting the computer. I Refreshed my screen in Lightroom after accessing Develop mode and nothing changed. Then, back in Lightroom in develop mode I did the 100% view to see the areas that should have been edited when it finally updated. I shruged and said OK, its now working and went to add the vignette.

The vignette does did work on the transparent background but It works on the lower half of the portrait. This is very strange. Lightroom is acting like it is recognizing the background as transparent and will not allow me to add anything to the transparent area. The frustrating thing is that I retouched and finished a different pose of the same shoot yesterday. and everything worked normally. I am supposed to deliver this shoot today and I cannot finish it until I figure out why I cannot do the vignette. To deliver the job, I will need to go back to photoshop to add the vignette and hopefully match the two images. it will be a pain.

In addition to not being able to add the vignette, I cannot do anything in the transparent background area in Lightroom. The Graduated Filter, Radial Filter and Adjustments Brush have no affect in the transparent area of the portrait. Like I said, it is as if Lightroom has suddenly decided to recognize transparency.
Can someone tell me what is going on. I have done this workflow dozens of times before and never experienced anything like this.

Thank you in advance

Jim Palik
Sep 29, 2007
Isle of Wight, UK
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In Preferences > Performance, do you have the prefer smart previews checkbox enabled at the bottom? It sounds like something's cached somewhere, and if it's in Develop, it's either a smart preview, the camera raw cache or just cached in RAM.

Beyond the silly stuff like rebooting, one thing you could try would be sending it back to PS again and then saving without doing anything to see if LR then updates ok.