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Lightroom for iPhone photos gone...

  1. Hello everyone,

    I have run into a problem and afraid it's not good... just came back from a trip. I used Lightroom for iPhone app to shoot all the photos in dng format. Today when opening the app i was prompted with a login (never had this prompt before) i logged in and now i have 0 Lightroom Photos... My Creative Cloud has expired and i'm pretty sure nothing got synced to it. What can i do to get the photos back? Where are they stored on the iPhone? Anyone had similar experience? I did some search but couldn't find any topics related to my issue


  2. Hi Otis, welcome to the forum. Let me see what I can find out for you.

    One question... will you be renewing your CC Membership? Or were you just on trial?
  3. Oh, one more thought... were you previously usinng LRM without signing in? If so, you could try tapping the LR icon and signing out.
  4. Thank you Victoria for looking into this. The account that i used to login when the LRM app was installed was trial account that have since expired. I did talk to someone from Adobe, but all they could come up was that it must have been a glitch when i was prompted to login again and photos are still on the device but LRM doesn't recognize them anymore. Since it happened i did try to sign out and back in again with the same account that i used, but no luck
  5. I also ran it past an Adobe staff member, who suggested perhaps you'd previously used a different Adobe ID. It's easy to end up with a few different email addresses.
  6. Yes, i agree, but when i login with the correct email, i still have 0 images.
  7. In System Preferences > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage, how much does space does it think LR mobile is taking up? That might give us a clue as to whether the files are still there.