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Print module Lightroom Classic Not Printing Correct Size Print


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Dec 13, 2011
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  1. macOS 14 Sonoma
Just started printing for fun again after changing from Windows where I used Qimage to a Mac system , unfortunately the excuse from the developer of Qimage for Windows is that the Qimage One that is for Mac is made by a new developer although this new Qimage One for Mac also works on a Windows based system but as it is a new developer Cannot get any upgrade or discount for the Mac version, as I only print for fun the cost is not justifiable for the Mac version, so I have tried printing from Lightroom and everything was going great up until a couple days ago, I print on A4 and A3 and set those parameters in Lightroom for each print size as I print not save and use a custom setting, now the problem is when I choose the A3 paper the printer is printing for A4, I have not changed the way I set things up, I don't print a lot.
Is there a way to revert the Print module back to factory settings persa?
I use a Canon IX 6500 printer and have done for many years albeit on the second one.
Sorry about the long story.
Thank You.
So you have set Paper size A3 in the Printer [Page Setup]. What settings have you then made for Margins and Cell Size in the Layout Panel?
2024-05-19 18_52_58-Roberts Catalog-v13 - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic - Print.jpg

Hint: Do NOT USE any of the default provided Print templates that are TBMK all designed for 'Letter' paper.
When you get your settings correct, define your own print templates.
Hi, I set margins to 1/2 inch on A4 and 1 inch on A3, Cell size 8.3 x 11.7 or 1.7 x 16.5 and use fit to page if required, images are from the Nikon Z8, I looked for a Canon app to set print sizes but does not seem to be one for printing. Thank You, Russ.
This link may serve as a handy check-list of the steps.

Also, make sure you go into 'Printer' in the Print module and confirm the settings. I find occasionally (at least on Windows) the settings in LrC don't get transferred to my Epson printer.
So I just tried with the Margins at default and changed the Cell size by 1" and it seems to have worked, probably an error on my part as I thought you changed the Margins to give you a border.