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Lightroom CC - Classic sync issues

Dec 25, 2020
Lightroom Version
Lightroom CC 4.1
Operating System
  1. Windows 10
Hello to all the forum members.

My situation is as follows. For many years I had my library in Aperture. After Apple stopped supporting this software I used Lightroom importing tool to move the library into Lightroom Cloud system. I remember it took several days to upload all the data. Don't know if it was fully uploaded.

At that moment I stopped making photos on DSLR camera, life was very busy, we made pictures on our phones.
After 2 years of "break" I decided to switch back but firstly to make everything clear with the library.

Lightroom upgraded since then. I see that CC version is very simple and I need Lightroom Classic functionality.
So my main working version ("Single Source of Truth") is Lightroom Classic. But I want all the original RAW files to be stored in the cloud. So I decided to have both. And here comes the sync question.

I suppose that not all the pics from Aperture were uploaded. This is to be checked.
But what was in the cloud synced to the Lightroom Classic. I have 21100 +/- images in both systems (not exact numbers but they are very close). So at this point it's fine.

To have both solutions working properly I import new photos to Lightroom CC then wait until it syncs to Classic. That's the main working process. I don't take a lot of pictures, so for me it's fine.

Now with all that I have issues with sync. Sometimes syncing freezes on the last 3... 6 photos. In such cases I turn on Rebuild sync data. And on the next day it happens again. I see that I do rebuld sync data too often. I don't like this. It ruins all the process - you adjust the parameters and wait 1-2-3 days until it syncs with the cloud.

Sync Activity shows that it stopps on several pictures from Aperture time (old dates). And after rebuilding Sync Data there may be another pictures on which it stops. And having adjusted the new just imported files I need to solve those sync issues before new adjustments appear in the cloud.

So my questions:
  1. is there a way to force syncronisation of just selected photos to speed up my process? For example I have got the new set of pics imported, I adjust them, and push sync of this collection only. And it syncs them first, before all the other including sync activity errors. This will let me work with the new photos I take.
  2. Should I check every album to be stored in both systems manually? In this case what is to be done if Sync Activity shows that the photo is in the Cloud but not in the Classic catalog?
  3. Or should I just clean up Lightroom CC/Classic catalogs and redo import from Aperture manually album by album? I.e. start once again from scratch. Because it seems that the problem is hidden somewhere in the past (maybe lightroom import plugin didn't work properly) and those ussues will rise more after.
  4. Is there any other solution you can advise?

I am already decided that to go from scratch is what I have to do but I hope that forum experience is something to learn from.

I have got the latest versions of Lightroom CC Desktop and Classic (dec 2020).

Thanks in advance.
Sep 29, 2007
Isle of Wight, UK
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I'd stop Rebuilding Sync Data so often - every time you do that, it has to reconcile all of the local catalog with the cloud one, and that takes forever.

I'd see if you can track down the ones that are triggering errors as a first port of call. The Sync Errors collection in the web interface and the Sync Activity in LR Classic's preferences might offer some clues.

Has it ever finished syncing properly?