Lightroom and tethered D7200 - metering not working

Oct 29, 2010
Hi all,

I have a very odd problem with LR6.7 and a new D7200 in tethered mode (from a Windows PC) In a nutshell metering doesn't seem to be working when tethered.

I can take a shot manually in, say, Aperture priority mode and it works fine. Perfectly exposed. Hook up the USB with no further changes and take the shot from LR as a tethered connection and metering isn't happening. The shot comes across to the camera but it's either under or over exposed depending on conditions.

I have a D7000 that works just fine under exactly the same set up and have reproduced the problem with different lenses, so it's not a lens issue as far as I can tell.

I'm trying to work out if its a s/w bug or a problem with my D7200 (or even "user error") so a confirmation that it is/isn't reproducible from anyone else with a 7200 would be great!

Thanks in anticipation!