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Lightroom and Huion Kamvas 16Pro Graphics Tablet

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Gerry G

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Nov 30, 2019
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Hello all, this is my first post for this subject. I have a 2 monitor setup on a WIndows 10 PC the main monitor is an LG 34” curved display and the other is the Huion KAMVAS 16 pro. I am trying to do all the work in Lightroom on the 16” KAMVAS display. the problem I have is with drag and drop....either moving photos around or moving directories.. When you use the pen and try drag and drop in Lightroom, it doesn’t work....if you try to use the KAMVAS display to drag and drop files in Window Explorer, it works fine. Anyone else have this issue?
Hi Gerry. That's an interesting looking device, I hadn't come across that before. It's not something that would have been tested. I would lean towards it being a driver issue, but I'm interested to see if anyone else has one.
The Huion Kamvas is a lot like a Wacom Cintiq: A drawing tablet with a screen, so you can see what you’re drawing on under the stylus. The Huion and XP-Pen brands are becoming popular because they do most of what a Wacom tablet does, but at a much lower price.

I also use a Huion tablet with Lightroom Classic on a two-display system, but it’s the cheaper kind of tablet with no screen on it, and on a Mac. Compared to a Wacom tablet, I have observed several issues with the Huion that seem to be related to the driver software. While the tablet hardware seems to work well, the tablet driver software seems glitchy compared to Wacom. (Though Wacom drivers have their own problems.) I can drag and drop within Lightroom with the Huion stylus and it works fine, but I feel more confident doing it with the mouse or trackpad. I’m more likely to accidentally drop something with the Huion stylus.

In the Mac version of the Huion driver software, there’s a Check for Updates command; make sure you’ve tried checking for updates in the Windows version in case they’ve fixed something you’re experiencing. If there’s a problem specific to Lightroom Classic it may need to be reported to Huion. On my Mac I have not seen any Huion problems specific to Lightroom Classic, the issues I’ve seen affect all applications including the desktop and Lightroom Classic.
>>In the Mac version of the Huion driver software, there’s a Check for Updates command<<
This function has never worked for me, always says I'm up to date. Then I go to the Huion's website to check and guess what?, there is an update available.

I'm also on a Mac and my Huion tablet is a cheaper version without screen and usually works flawlessly with LR and PS. Occasionally something goes haywire though and the fix I've found is uninstall the Huion drivers, restart computer and reinstall drivers. Havent figured out the cause, but I suspect its software updates to Adobe or OS.
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