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From the end of the month, Adobe will discontinue downloads. See our Blog with links to download the Installer before it goes (if you're still using Lr6!)
Fwiw I haven’t heard of failing activation on a new machine breaking an old machine on LR6. I can’t make any promises, as there’s relatively limited data now, but I’m not aware of issues.
The problem with "just try it" is I may lose it on the old device, to no benefit at all!
I understand the desire to want to keep using LR6, but I would also give the same advice to you as I gave in post #10 above. To a greater or lesser degree, you are using LR6 on borrowed time, and at some point that time will run out for one reason or another. As such, I would ask if you have a migration plan that you can implement? I understand that this does not solve your immediate issue, but this new machine and OS upgrade may be that reason. I do hope you find a solution that allows you more time, but I do encourage you to consider a plan for when LR6 is no more, whether it involves Adobe or otherwise.

Good luck,

Thanks Victoria and Roger,

To answer Roger first, that is all quite true. And as concluded, this machine/trip will be the time. After posting, I spent some time looking around, obvs there's lots of info. We mostly use LR for organising, so I thought I'd try Digikam. I don't rule out paid, but many paid options are as much as LR and often more focussed on fancy image processing, too. Anyway, that's another thread.

Victoria's point - yes, but my fear is that as, per license, and as few years ago, I have to deactivate old PC before new one will activate, that I will deactivate old (possibly absent license server), but not be able to activate on new PC. But perhaps it matters not.
Try activating on the new computer without first deactivating in the old one. They did reset activations a couple of years ago so that may work.
Me? I’d do Windows 11 first. I don’t think it’d make a big difference, but I’d want the machine as stable as possible before installing LR6 as you probably only have one shot at activation.
I have used LR6.14 Perpetual for 7 years and spent many months in 2023 planning my LR6.14 and Windows future. I had read about many failed and successful upgrades of LR6.14 on Windows 11.

In December 2023, I installed Windows 10 Pro onto two new Intel NUC computers (Windows 11 capable).
I ran "Windows 10 updates" to the fullest, but deferred the free Windows 11 upgrade.

I ran multiple Acronis full "c drive" backups and restores to ensure that I had a working fall back (recovery point).

Still on Windows 10 Pro, I was able to successfully install and activate my two licenses of LR 6.14 (perpetual licenses) and develop my DNGs.
Followed by multiple Acronis full system backups.

Finally in late December 2023, I allowed Windows 11 Pro upgrades to proceed on both NUCs, and after which LR 6.14 operates without issues.

I am fully aware that Adobe states that these are unsupported combinations, and that at some point a software change could break the work-ability of my systems, so I do have tentative plans beyond LR6.14

But for now, I continue to enjoy developing my DNGs with LR6.14 on Windows 11 Pro.
Ok, it's looking ok so far.

I got the W10 up to date - a fair load of downloads, as one might expect for a NOS computer. Then W11. Then Chrome, and a few setup changes, then my retained LR 6.14 download.

LR installer required its serial number, and once given it installed and seems to run. I hoiked an existing catalog off my network backup to the Windows user's "Documents", LR opened it, itself found the pictures on the network, and seems willing to make & save changes to the catalog and pictures.

So - touchwood - LR 6.14 seems to be up and running.

When I had problems a few years back after my desktop blew up, I found then that Adobe certainly did enforce the 1+1 license limit (Their human support had to reset my records). Not so now it seems, as nominally I have three devices active; I think someone alluded to Adobe "resetting" the license counts a year or three ago. Anyway, now I will deactivate LR on the old Surface, and actually that is going to get a factory reset, and be retired.

So, many thanks for the help, and I hope the above is beneficial to others.

Since LR 6.14 ran perfectly ok on the old Surface 3 tablet (already obsolescent when we bought in 2016), I'm sure it will be fine on this two year old Surface Laptop Go.

I might still look at Digikam though, as 6.14 is still going to fail sometime. And modern cameras are a bit appealing...
Officially, no. Some people report it’s still available on the wayback machine.
Just setting up a new laptop. Is there any way to download the installer now in 2024?

Your best option at this point would be to migrate your old computer (apps settings and data) to the new computer. Doing this means that you do not need to use the Adobe installer.

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Thanks for suggestions.
First I tried to migrate Adobe folders from old computer to the new one:
  1. C:\ProgramFiles\Adobe\Adobre Lightroom
  2. C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom
  3. C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom
Unfortunatelly it does not work. I get error message when I try to run it on a new computer.

I downloaded installer from wayback machine. However I'm a bit worry about that file. Can I trust it? Can anybody who has the original installer calculate hash of it, so I can compare it with my own.
I calulcated my own with this command in powershell console: Get-FileHash
This is the hash I get for my copy of the 6.14 installation file:

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