Lightroom 6.4 Preview cache problem

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Mar 2, 2016
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I am new member on the forum.
I would like to know how can I fix the preview cache error for good.
I have tried the fix found on almost every Lightroom forum on internet (which to delete the preview folder) but that is not helping. I keep getting the error.
I am so surprised that this error has existed from Lightroom version 3.x till the latest 6.4 and Adobe has not made any attempt to find a fix (rather eliminate this error/issue).

I have tested memory and hard drive on my computer and have found NO issues/errors.
My other programs / software work absolutely fine with no issues at all.
Has anyone successfully got rid of this issue/error?
What is Adobe's plan to fix this issue? What are my options? Are there any settings that Adobe recommends?
(My opinion is that it is a bug in Adobe Lightroom software and needs to be addressed)
I am not happy with the product due to this issue. On every two to 4 slider moves I get the error and Lightroom shuts down.

My system info is as follows:
Lightroom version: 6.4 [ 1060496 ]
License: Perpetual
Operating system: Windows 10
Version: 10.0
Application architecture: x64
System architecture: x64
Logical processor count: 2
Processor speed: 2.4 GHz
Built-in memory: 4095.1 MB
Real memory available to Lightroom: 4095.1 MB
Real memory used by Lightroom: 818.8 MB (19.9%)
Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 934.1 MB
Memory cache size: 184.6 MB
Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 2
Camera Raw SIMD optimization: SSE2
System DPI setting: 96 DPI
Desktop composition enabled: Yes
Displays: 1) 1920x1200
Input types: Multitouch: No, Integrated touch: No, Integrated pen: No, External touch: No, External pen: No, Keyboard: No

Graphics Processor Info:
GeForce G100/PCIe/SSE2

Check OpenGL support: Passed
Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
Version: 3.3.0
Renderer: GeForce G100/PCIe/SSE2
LanguageVersion: 3.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler

Application folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom
Library Path: C:\Users\Trivedi\Pictures\YYLightroomCatalogs\20160227_Landscapes\20160227_Landscapes.lrcat
Settings Folder: C:\Users\Trivedi\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom

Installed Plugins:
1) Canon Tether Plugin
2) Facebook
3) Flickr
4) Leica Tether Plugin
5) Nikon Tether Plugin

Config.lua flags: None

Adapter #1: Vendor : 10de
Device : 6e6
Subsystem : 9840174b
Revision : a1
Video Memory : 488
Adapter #2: Vendor : 1414
Device : 8c
Subsystem : 0
Revision : 0
Video Memory : 0
AudioDeviceIOBlockSize: 1024
AudioDeviceName: Headphones (High Definition Audio Device)
AudioDeviceNumberOfChannels: 2
AudioDeviceSampleRate: 44100
Build: LR5x102
Direct2DEnabled: false
GPUDevice: not available
OGLEnabled: true
Hi Chand, welcome to the forum!

So tell us exactly what's happening one step at a time. Exactly what error message are you getting? How long's it been happening?

Yours is the only report I've heard of the issue recurring repeatedly, that didn't turn out to be a hardware problem or other fixable issue, so how did you go about ruling out hardware issues?

Have you tried standard troubleshooting steps, such as resetting preferences and tested to see if you get the same problem in a clean catalog or clean user account? Standard Lightroom Troubleshooting Steps
Thanks Victoria,

The error is happening since the day I have installed and started using Lightroom 6.0 (in Nov 2015) (I have purchased cd thru B&H).
I have gone thru regular updates as well and all updates were successful as per the each update log.

The pattern I have observed is this error pops up when ever I move sliders in the "Detail" section of Lightroom. I have never seen the error pop up when I use other sliders/settings.

I did take your suggestion (as outlined on your blog per above link) and went thru all steps
1. The magic reboot - done
2. Optimize the Catalog - done
3. Check for Updates - I am up to date to ver. 6.4
4. Reset Preferences - done
5. Try a new catalog - done
6. Rule out corrupted presets & fonts - Ran without any presets but still get the error (see attached screen shot of error message)
7. Try a clean user account - N/A as I do not have Lightroom CC (mine is installed locally on my desktop)
8. Check for hardware and operating system problems - Performed memory test as suggested all tests were successful - meaning no errors were found both in memory and hard disk. I have a brand new hard disk as a matter of fact.
9. Ask for help! - - done :)

Even though I rule out presets because I get errors even without third party presets however I am unable to get rid of presets that come with Lightroom. I am sure the presets that come with Lightroom are clean.
Is there any method to test Lightroom supplied presets for errors?
Since the presets are text files containing various slider values that Lightroom software reads/interprets and apply those values to sliders....... how can one test text files... I don't know. Any suggestion.

The hardware and OS version I have is per per Adobe Lightroom recommendation.
I am still not convinced (for now) that this error I am facing is due to hardware issues because if it was then how come there are Lightroom users who were able to get rid of this error by simply deleting the "*Previews.lrdata" folder.
I have tried this approach but to no success - meaning I still get the attached error after getting rid of the *Previews.lrdata folder and I observe there are users who still continue to get this error.

Again, I thank you and all forum users for your responses.
I really appreciate the input and suggestions even though it is a frustrating issue but am hopeful that there will a way to fix this error for good.

Kind regards



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I am still not convinced (for now) that this error I am facing is due to hardware issues because if it was then how come there are Lightroom users who were able to get rid of this error by simply deleting the "*Previews.lrdata" folder.

The ones caused by a bug of some description (or power cut, etc) are one offs and deleting the preview cache fixes that so it doesn't happen again. It's the repeated corruption that would suggest a hardware problem (or possibly a conflict with something else on your system).

It would still be worth trying another user account on your computer, whether you're a perpetual license holder or CC users. That quickly excludes conflicts with most other software, or other account-specific gremlins.

When you tried the clean catalog, did you get the same error?
Oh, and one more... have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?

I am puzzled by this one. Chand reports that the error occurs when moving sliders in the Detail panel in the develop module. I didn't think that the Previews database was involved at this point. So could the problem perhaps have to do with something else?

Just thinking out loud.

It's good thinking Louie, and I'm confused on how the two are linked too. Thumbnails do get updated when adjusting Develop (if they're visible?) and they would be stored in the preview cache, but it's still an odd one. We need to know more.
Yes Victoria, definitely need to know more. After looking at the error message again I notice it is a problem reading from the preview cache. Since this happens in the Develop module I am wondering if this message is not really refering to the Previews database but perhaps something else. Perhaps some one at Adobe could track down this precise message and shed some further light on what's happening.

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