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Lightroom 6.14 won't work on Macbook pro M1

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Nov 15, 2022
Lightroom Version
Operating System
  1. macOS 12 Monterey
Copied Lightroom 6.14 from my old MacBook Pro using time machine to Macbook Pro M1.
All the files seem to have moved across OK but Lightroom does not boot up. So I'm thinking
about upgrading to adobe LRc but worried it may not be able to copy my existing catalog because
LR 6.14 won't boot?
You don't need 6.14 to be installed when you upgrade to LrClassic. All you need is the final 6.14 catalog file (and the corresponding images of course), then if you launch LrC by double-clicking on that 6.14 catalog it will copy that catalog and upgrade it to the current LrC format. You will see the upgrade dialog where you can choose the name of the upgraded catalog (it will default to "current catalog name-V12" but you can change it if desired).
Lrc should look familiar to you but there have been some significant changes that you'll need to figure out. The most obvious will be in the masking area (previously called "filters" such as Radial or Gradient filters). Your old filters will automatically be changed over to the new way of doing it, but to take advantage of all the new stuff you will have to update the process version on the images for which you want to use the new options.
Thanks for your replies.
It looks like the whole of LR 6.14 has installed onto my new MB Pro M1, it just won't launch but think
the issue with that is that LR 6.14 has a 32-bit installer? and that's not compatible with my new MBP M1
that requires 64-bit?
So assuming all the catalog info, photos etc are on the new MBP but can't be launched will the new LRc be able to
access them from the applications folder?

So assuming all the catalog info, photos etc are on the new MBP but can't be launched will the new LRc be able to
access them from the applications folder?
The Catalog file (*.lrcat) should be located in the default location in a Lightroom sub folder of the Pictures folder. As Jim has pointed out all you really need to upgrade is the catalog file and the image files.

MacOS has added some security features to the filesystem several versions ago and these may need to be adjusted so that Lightroom Classic can have the access to the files it needs.

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Thanks to all for your comments, I subscribed to Adobe photography plan.
Installed LrC first and although LR 6.14 was installed but wouldn't launch, LrC install
picked up everything it needed from the LR 6.14 files/folders for a trouble free install.
Thank you.
Now I'm up & running with LrC on my MacBook Pro M1?
As I said before I had LR 6.14 files/folders installed [that would not & still dose'nt launch]
Is it now safe to uninstall/delete LR 6.14 without effecting LrC?
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