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Laptop/Desktop Compatibility Enhancements


Active Member
Jan 30, 2008
Posted to Adobe's Lightroom feature requests; posted here for discussion - how useful would these features be for you? If 'useful', please add your endorsement here; it will help to encourage Adobe to address these issues. Other suggestions re:laptop/desktop use welcome.


Many photographers use Lightroom on a laptop while shooting on location and transfer the shoot to a desktop on return to the office. Lightroom fails by having little capacity to synchronise the content of the two machines. While understanding the limitations imposed by SQLite, there are some simple features which would be useful.

1. Ability to mark folders and/or collections using eg a lock system or colour identification. - to more easily keep track of what material has been transferred to the desktop.

2. Ability to copy only membership of a collection from one machine to the other, without replacing all of the metadata for each image in the collection, just adding to the existing metadata the fact of membership of the collection.

3. An image-by-image lock or flag to identify the 'copied to main database' status.

These would not be very difficult features to add from a programming point of view, and would enhance this aspect of Lightroom functionality very substantially.

Patrick Cunningham
Sep 29, 2007
Isle of Wight, UK
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Some interesting ideas there Patrick.

With number 2, I wonder where you'd draw the line - you might want collections, someone else might want keywords, someone else Develop settings etc. It would be great to have a 'sync' type dialog with those options, but probably turning it into a much more serious FR.

Have you seen the Sync Conflict dialog on your Mac, which shows the difference between 2 address book cards and allows you to pick which to keep? I could see something like that fitting in nicely too.