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Keywords - issue - can't re-arrange keywords.


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May 16, 2019
Lightroom Version
Lightroom 5.7.1
Operating System
Windows 10
Hello everyone-
I'm knew to the group, and was wondering if anyone has encountered a similar issue.
I'm using LR 5.7.1. At this point I really didn't have any reason to upgrade to a newer version.
I was trying to re-arrange some of my keywords in my list. However, for some reason I am not able to highlight and drag keywords to place them as a 'sub-keyword', below another keyword. (For example, dragging the keyword "Brooklyn" under "New York"). The interesting thing is that this issue is not a global issue. It appears that it does work for a significant number of them, up to the words beginning with the letter "S". When I try to highlight this particular word, it will NOT highlight, and therefore can't be moved. Looks like I can move all of the others above this word, but none of the words below. I can"Rt Click" on the problem-ed keyword and it will allow me to "Create Keyword TAG inside" it. It does allow me to rename it, delete it - everything - just not move it. I continue to optimize the catalog during my backups. I thought that might also repair any of these issues-but no dice. Not sure what else to try. Any thoughts?

Victoria Bampton

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Sep 29, 2007
Southampton, UK
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Hi salcaps, welcome to the forum! You're not the only one. We more often hear about keywords not even being displayed once it gets past a certain vertical limit. The solution is to nest the keywords to reduce the length of the list.