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Keywords and Keyword Sets


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Oct 10, 2012
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This question has most likely been asked before, so please forgive me if I am re-hashing questions already answered.

I just built a new system, transferred over my catalogue, and most seems to be fine. I need to import?/add metadata presets to new system (copied file over from other system) and hopefully that should go smoothly as well.
Do this presets get imported? Or do I just add them to the Lightroom location on the new computer as they were in the old one?

My setting up of this system is a bit problematic (no internet connection where it is) so I need to ask a couple of questions in advance of me being there to finish setting it up.

When I set it up last night I'm pretty sure that the keywords all copied fine, but as it was 3 in the morning I'm not 100% sure.

So.... are the keywords automatically saved in the catalogue settings? Or do I have to export keywords from the old system/import to new system?
Secondly- keyword sets. Are these saved with catalogue settings, or again do I need to export/import.

Please say catalogue...please say catalogue...please say catalogue....

Thanks in advance for any help.

Feb 1, 2010
West Sussex, UK
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Classic 8
Michael, any "user presets" such as Metadata presets, User Develop presets, you would have to copy over manually to the same location. Personally, when/if I move to a new computer I copy the entire Lightroom sub-folder from the AppData/Roaming/Adobe and paste into the same location on the new computer, that works fine provided you didn't have the "Store Presets with this Catalog" option enabled in the existing catalog (if you did, when you copy the catalog over, include the full folder to include all the Previews Caches and the Lightroom Settings sub-folder where the store user presets would be).

The keywords are stored in the catalog, so copy the catalog and it will retain the keywords.

Keywords Sets are like Metadata presets.....if you've created them, they'll exist in the "Keyword Sets" sub-folder along with all the other stuff in the afore-mentioned Adobe/Lightroom folder....so if you've copied that, they should be retained.