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Catalogs Keywording broken in Lightroom Classic


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Oct 12, 2023
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  1. Windows 11
I have a lot of corrupt keywords in LRc, where it has somehow managed to include commas in the keywords, even though LRc does not allow this. I tried to export them under Metedata/Export Keywords, but this just hangs up.
Is there some way, outside of LRc, where I can extract the keyword list ti fix it? Or some way to correct a keyword list?
Maybe because of this, keywording does not work any more. If I filter the list of keywords, nothing is shown.
You can get keywords containing commas by importing photos that had keywords applied by another app that mistakenly included the commas.

I think the easiest way to clean this up is to use the Keyword List panel. In the Filter Keywords box, type a single comma to show just those keywords containing commas:


You can delete all such keywords at once by clicking the first one, shift-clicking the last one, and then clicking the "-" button in the top-left.

Or you can rename them by right-clicking each and doing Edit Keyword Tag.

You could also use the Export and Import Keywords commands of the Any Tag plugin to batch edits of your keyword list using Excel or Google Sheets. Unlike the built-in Export and Import Keywords commands, Any Tag lets you delete, rename, and change existing keywords. The built-in Export Command is also implemented sloppily and doesn't generate syntactically correct .csv files in all cases.

But for your situation, I very much recommend trying the Keyword List panel method first.
Thanks for your prompt reply.
Something seems to be wrong. I installed AnyTag, re-started Lightroom, and ran it. It always comes back with an empty list. The headers are there, but it has no etries below that.
Also, when I enter "," as the keyword search term, the resulting list is empty.
I think I'll have to delete all the keywords and start from there.
All fixed now, so thanks for the input. I installed AnyTag, but it was still not picking up keywords.
In the end, I opened a new, blank, catalogue and imported the old one. It gave me the chance to ditch some old files. Ther import took ages, but its now working.