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Keyword Suggestions

Ian H

New Member
Jul 18, 2015
Near Reading UK
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Lightroom Version
I've been trying to consolidate my keywords with varying degrees of success. I've settled on the "People, Places and Things" model, but have hit a bit of an intellectual brick wall and am in need of suggestions. Places and Things are fairly straightforward as are Friends and Family. Classification of people I've photographed out on the street is a bit more challenging.

How do you keyword photographs of people you don't know?

Any suggestions you feel like sharing?

Many thanks

Tony Jay

Senior Member
Staff member
Lightroom Guru
Jun 8, 2012
Brisbane, Australia
Lightroom Experience
Hi Ian,

Obviously one cannot use names...

Rather, keyword them by actions, emotions, emblems, etc.

Think about this a bit - what exactly are your motives for photographing on the street?
What are actually trying to capture?
What are the stories that the images are conveying?
Answering these questions gives one the keywords necessary to document the images...

Tony Jay


Active Member
Jan 9, 2011
Green Valley, Arizona, USA
Lightroom Experience
Lightroom Version
Classic 7
I like Tony's reply. For me, after People and Place, I have a third category I call Subject, and a fourth general category I call "Conceptual Description".
Subject picks up words like Nature, tree, forest, lake, snow, Animal, & Building. Conceptual Description will pick up things like major color (Red, blue..), Hot, cold; happy, sad; -- basically descriptors that are not in any of the other groups.

For Street Photography, I would just keyword it with People, Place (eg, NYC), Subject (Street Photography), perhaps B&W for a processed shot, then anything else that sticks out to me, such as it is a portrait, there is a bridge, a person's hat, colorful dress, a cane, happy, etc.