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Keyword searches and CAPITALISATION


Active Member
Jan 30, 2008
I use a hierarchical structure for keywording. My top-level keywords are all non-export, and I use a convention of capitalising non-export keywords.

But sometimes I want to add the same word as an exportable keyword. EG under 'WEATHER' I might have the exportable keyword 'weather', which I sometimes want to add and sometimes not, so it can't be the top-level.

Now, when adding keywords, even if I type all lowercase, Lightroom still unhelpfully replaces it with the capitalised version: I type 'weather' but I get 'WEATHER'. It doesn't matter how I try to add 'weather', I get 'WEATHER'. Grrrr!

OK, so maybe I'll go back and change 'WEATHER' to 'WEATHER_' or something. So I put 'WEATHER' in the keyword search. I know there are only, say, 5 images with 'WEATHER' specifically applied because I can see this in the Keyword List pane. But Lightroom gives me all the images which have a keyword below 'WEATHER' - maybe 1,500 - even when I click on the arrow beside WEATHER in the Keyword List pane! How can I identify those which have 'WEATHER' specifically and exclude the other 1,495?

It would really be more helpful if Lightroom would treat capital letters in a controllable manner, so you could choose to search case-sensitive or not, instead of the half-baked approach where you can add words using CAPITALS, lower case or Mixed, but you don't have full control over the way this works.

Patrick Cunningham