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Keyboard Shortcuts Work Inconsistently


Aug 5, 2018
San Diego, California, USA
Lightroom Experience
Power User
Lightroom Version
Lightroom Version
LR Classic 9.2.1
Operating System
  1. Windows 10
I'm in the Library module of Lightroom Classic. I press the keyboard combination CTRL+U, which is supposed to apply Auto adjustments. Instead, it opens an Export window. In the Develop module, the shortcut works fine. But when I switch back to Library, it goes haywire again. This happens with other shortcuts too, such as CTRL+SHIFT+R which is supposed to reset all adjustments.

In case it was an issue with my Logitech wireless keyboard, I plugged in a Microsoft USB keyboard. The same thing happens. So, it's not he keyboard.

The only solution is to restart Lightroom. Then, the shortcut works fine for quite a while until, for no apparent reason, it stops working again. I've reset my preferences, but the problem still eventually returns.

Does anyone else experience this strange behavior?