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Keyboard / Mouse suggestions


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Jan 3, 2020
Germantown, TN
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  1. Windows 11
I use a desktop for editing and use a basic wired mouse and keyboard. is there a mouse that makes detail work easier? I’ve also seen a keyboard made especially for Lightroom. Anyone use it?
I tried a Wacom tablet for 3 months, incl use of Wacom programmable keys…. but abandoned …. Changed to a gaming mouse. Was amazed at improvement of usability. Mouse could be calibrated to the surface used.

I have totally given up on using mice or keyboards which depend on wireless operation. A) Batteries always fade at the worst possible time. B). Wireless not always reliable.
I avoid any keyboards or mice which depend on a wireless dongle like the plague.
I bought a LoupeDeck, but never used it.

I have had a series of disasters with high end Mx Mice and Keyboards. Biggest issue with MX keyboard is that the surface wears off the keys (completely). The result is that at night time I am blinded by the upward facing led lights.

I am keen to get the Corsair K70 M2, with silent keys and low profile. It is wired and has a USB pass thru port, so Mouse can be plugged into the keyboard. I cannot understand why this is not a standard feature of all keyboards. It does not appear to be in stock anywhere. I need a keyboard which has a separate numeric pad. Extra macro buttons is a bonus.
I use a gaming mouse, too. Logitech G900. It's wireless, but can be used wired while it charges.

For a keyboard, I have a Keychron K10 Pro. It's Bluetooth, but can be used wired. It works happily with my laptops and iPad, has programmable macro keys and the ability to remap all the keys. The switches are hot-swappable. I replaced the stock Gateron brown ones with blues. It's a real joy to type on.
I use a gaming mouse, too. Logitech G900. It's wireless, but can be used wired while it charges.
I found with multiple Logitech Mice and Keyboards, that while they had a USBC port to charge, they did not work unless they were connected wirelessly via the required usb dongle. (ie they could be used while charging... but were not using the cable for use of mouse or keyboard and did not work if the dongle was not inserted and working).

Also, when travelling... these dongles get lost and are extremely difficult to source. I was stuck on an island for 3 weeks, could not use my expensive MX Keyboards and Mice and was lucky to be able to buy cheap mouse and keyboard after a 2 hour trip to a modest size town.
My setup is this, and I am happy with this- I use a Logitech mouse G602 (Wireless) and have programmed the buttons for common keyboard shortcuts-
2024-02-12 11_00_49-LOGITEC BUTTON ORESETS FOR LIGHTROOM.docx - Microsoft Word.jpg

This I use for 90% of my work.
I also have a Loupedeck+. Ideal for large and fast batch (multiple image) edits. It is so easy to turn a dial (eg. exposure) instead of locating the mouse cursor on a small slider button.
2024-02-12 11_01_35-LOUPEDECK.jpg

Wireless mouse dongles? I agree. They are a pain if lost, and they occupy one USB socket. My small traveling Dell only has two USB sockets, so the mouse limits my USB connectivity.
Using the Logitech MX series as an example…
1. The dongles are proprietary…
2. Even though there is a usb c port, the mouse or keyboard will not work with the cable.
3. The design of the mouse and keyboard makes no provision for storing the dongle. This means a) Dongles get lost or b) Dongle gets left behind at the back of the computer when grabbing a keyboard / mouse when travelling.
4. Because they are proprietary and rarely stocked, it can be very difficult to get replacements and in many cases, impossible if needed urgently.
5. Wireless keyboards / mice mean that batteries fade over time and become slowly unreliable until the problem is recognised.
6. Dependent on proper wireless installation.

Of course, a USB port is needed…. it is the issues surrounding the use of dongle / battery operated and poor designs which is the issue.

These may be non issues for most people and no doubt there are mice / keyboard designs around which avoid these issues. I am highlighting them because the O/P was looking for advice re mice and keyboards.

Also, there are a lot of wireless options out there which do not depend on a dongle (eg Apple keyboards and mice).
I prefer a wireless blue too mouse and keyboard. I like the keyboard and touch pad that Apple uses with their Macs When the battery get low it is noticed and you are advised ro recharge the battery. By plugging in the USB/Lightning cable you can continue to use the keyboard or touchpad while the battery recharges. I do not like the Apple Magic Mouse for one reason. To recharge the Magic Mouse, you have to plug in the cable on the underside of the mouse making it unusable while recharging.
Are there any other keyboard mouse brands that are bluetooth wireless and can still be used while charging?
I've had the same fairly standard wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse for years. It just won't die and perfectly good for LrC. I think wireless is great. The less cables the better. Yes, changing batteries is a pain. I always have a fresh set of rechargeable batteries handy. The mouse is called Marathon Mouse. It's supposed to have a 3-year battery life. Yes, maybe... if you remember to turn it off when finished. My batteries last more like 3-months. The catch with wireless is, should you be unlucky enough to suffer the dreaded "blue screen of death", you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle. You have no keyboard connection to rectify it. I had to buy a cheap wired keyboard to get going again.
I can't speak for all the Logitech mouse types, but the ones I've used have a little socket inside the battery compartment that can be used to store the dongle.
My wireless keyboard (model K360) also has a dongle socket inside the battery compartment.
I can't speak for all the Logitech mouse types, but the ones I've used have a little socket inside the battery compartment that can be used to store the dongle.
Well I'll be... Just checked my old Logitech M705 mouse and the MK700 keyboard and yes, both have a dongle slot. However, once in the back of the PC, the dongle won't leave till I build another PC.
I have just checked my (no longer used) Logitech MX Master 3 mouse.... top of the range... No dongle slot and will not work without a dongle.
Also checked my Logitech MX Keys keyboard. Also... no dongle slot and will not work without dongle.
Logitech have a huge range of products.... my advise to anyone purchasing a mouse or keyboard.... make a conscious decision, if using wireless, if you want to use a peripheral which uses a usb dongle.

Re Apple... Fair dues... they make keyboards and mice which work wirelessly without dongles. Further... their o/s warns you when battery levels go low. Many other keyboard / mice makers promise or hint that you get battery low level warnings, but my experience this info is either dependent on running a separate app or is not reliable.

I have gone back to my Corsair wired gaming mouse and am actively looking for a replacement wired keyboard, which uses low profile silent (or near silent) mechanical keys, with full numeric pad to the right and pass thru USB port for wired mouse. Nice to have would be a few extra programmable buttons and just plain backlighting, no arcade colour schemes.
The Corsair k70 M2 keyboard has these options, but cannot find one in stock anywhere.

As these devices are our primary daily tool kit, I think it is super important to get a mouse / keyboard that works effortless for you. Things that I use every day I make a conscious decision to buy the best that I can afford.. (2 examples are my Porsche Designed kettle ... probably 15 years old and really high quality glasses and frames).

Living in Dublin Ireland I do not have access to stores which stock these items and many of the keyboards commonly available in the US are not (easily) available in Europe.
I have just checked my (no longer used) Logitech MX Master 3 mouse.... top of the range... No dongle slot and will not work without a dongle.
I use the same MX Master 3 mouse, connected via Bluetooth, not dongle.
My main workstation has bluetooth as does my MacAir M2. I contacted Logitech support to try and make a connection without need to use dongle and never got a clear answer. I criticised Logitech directly via an official support ticket, to try and resolve the issue, but made no progress. I was stuck on an island off the West Coast of Ireland and had a real incentive to get the Mx mouse working without a dongle. I eventually travelled to the nearest largish town on the mainland and bought a cheap wired mouse in a supermarket, which worked.

This was a miserable experience for me and would hate for others to have a similar experience.

At some stage I might go back and try again or try with my spare Dell laptop..
I eventually travelled to the nearest largish town on the mainland
Not a trip to be considered lightly.

I stopped using proprietary wireless mice and keyboards when the bluetooth standard became available. I see no reason to waste a USB port on a mobile device neither keyboard or mouse.