JPEG Compression to under 200k

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Mar 8, 2016
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Hi All,

I have a client that needs their Jpegs compressed to under 200k. The smallest I can get the files down to from Lightroom is about 2mb. That is with a dpi setting of around 72 and a quality setting of 10. The raw files are around 80mb each.

It seems I can not compress them enough from Lightroom so can anyone tell me how else I could batch process them? I don't want to load each one individually into some free online converter thing.

I managed to get a 42MP file to 200K by using the limit file size option (you cannot use quality settings as a result) and setting it to 200K and using a long edge length of 700 pixels.
I have no idea how the compression algorithm will handle an original file size nearly double the size but your method only achieves an export file size nearly 10 times the size but with an original file size only double so there is obviously some wriggle room.

Tony Jay
You'd need to reduce the pixel dimensions. Even if you could compress the file down that far, it would look awful. Assuming they're using the images for the web, which is why they need the small file size, just find out how big they're going to be on the website.
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