Issues with orphaned photos when syncing from Lightroom classic

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Jan 5, 2020
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I need your help. Probably I'm doing something wrong, but can't figure it out.

I'm syncing selected collections with the Lightroom cloud (from Lightroom classic) to edit them on my iPad. Works fine so far.

When I remove a collection from the sync it disappears on the iPad and in the web, again fine so far.

BUT plenty of pictures regularly remain in the "All Photos" section on the iPad Lightroom (all photos is translated from German maybe the actual name is different, talking about the top left navigation point here).

As this happens with 2 Lightroom accounts, each with it's own iPad I guess this is a feature? When I want to get rid of them I need to delete them on the web, and the message that pops up gives me a scary feeling because it sounds like these Pictures will be removed from Lightroom Classic. Or is it just deleting from Lightroom CC?

Googled a lot, maybe wrong search terms, can't be I'm the only one with this - am I?


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When you remove a collection from sync, you should receive the following message (though you may have previously ticked the "Don't Show Again" option), which tells you that when unsyncing a collection the images in that collection remain synced. You will still see those images in All Phones on the iPad, and All Synced Photographs in the Catalog panel in Lightroom Classic.


The message you receive when you delete images from the iPad (or any of the other "cloud" apps) does NOT apply to Lightroom Classic, i.e. the images stay within Classic, if they were synced with Classic, but will be removed from the All Synced Photographs collection in Classic.
Generally, the safest and easiest way to remove images from the cloud whilst keeping them in Classic is to remove them from that All Synced Photographs collection in Classic. That will delete them from the cloud, but not from Classic.
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