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Is Synchomatic the perfect answer for insufficient iPad storage?


New Member
Nov 24, 2021
Lightroom Version
Lighroom Classic 11.01 + Lightroom mobile 5.4.2
Operating System
  1. Windows 10
  2. iOS
After having tried editing a couple of pictures transferred via Nikon SmartBridge from my camera to my phone on Saturday morning, I got really hooked on the idea of being able to do part of my editing workflow when I'm out and about rather than waiting until I get home.

So the same day I raided the retirement account and ordered a 12.9" iPad Pro. After a bit of reading up on how Lightroom Mobile works and how it syncs with Lighroom Classic on the desktop, it dawned upon me that I really should have ordered more storage on the (already eye watering expensive iPad) so that there would be room enough to store all images from, say, a week's holiday. Buyer's remorse set in. I'm not particularly keen on upgrading my Lightroom subscription from the £10/month photography bundle (with 20 GB cloud) to the £20/month photography bundle + 1 Gb cloud - not least because even if I did have all the cloud storage in the world, I'm not sure I would be able to synch hundreds of GB over hotel Wifi hotspots anyway.

Browsing for solutions introduced me to Syncomatic. And it seems to be the perfect answer. Here's the workflow I imagine would do everything I want it to

1) Shoot RAW + JPG (medium)
2) import the JPG into Lightroom Mobile on the iPad. There ought to be enough storage for a gazillion or two JPGs
3) on the iPad: Select, rotate, crop, star, keyword, edit and post a few to social media
4) when I come home, import all the RAWs into Lightroom Classic.
5) synch Lightroom Classic with Lightroom mobile via my home wifi. I'm imagining that
a) Lightroom Mobile will gracefully stop uploading JPGs when I hit the 20 GB limit.
b) Lightroom Classic will eventually download the 20 GB of JPGs
c) As and when the JPGs move onto Lightroom Classic they will automatically be removed from the cloud, which will mean that Lightroom Mobile can start to upload more files.
d) this process might go on for a while, but eventually, and in 20 GB batches, all the JPGs will be copied to Lighroom Classic.
6) Syncomatic will magically copy everything from the JPGs onto the RAWs, after which I can delete the JPGs from Classic

Is this correctly understood? Are there any gotcha's I should be aware of, or is it really as wonderful as I imagine?

Cheers in advance,