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Is PowerGrade CFExpress card reader compatible with LrC?


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Nov 16, 2015
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I'm asking about this CFExpress card reader. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/prod...wcfxsdana_digital_cfxb_sdxc_sdhc_usb_3_1.html Can anyone comment on this review or this card reader in general.

Quoting from a review of this card on the B&H website.

This card is not compatible with LRC....be careful!

This card reader is not compatible with LRC......Which is what I work with! It caused all types of import issues with my catalog and my drives that store my photos.
I spent hours trying to fix things, so it wouldn't keep automictically importing into LR...which I DON'T use!
Now, I directly import from the camera into LRC with now problems what so ever!! Don't Buy it!!!
I know someone using the Sony compatible version of this card (same brand and type of card reader, CF Express but different type) to read CF_Express cards into Lr with no issues. I have used this brand also to import Sony CF Express into my MacAir.... no problems. I suspect the issue might be how the O/S interacts with CF express cards, as I think the behaviour of certain aspects might be different... such as not ejecting the card after use, thus leaving the card active..... I am not 100% sure of the details.... but I do understand that O/S can react differently to CF express cards.

More and more cameras have decent USB C ports. My A7rv read (theoretically at 10Gbps) through this port.... but the limiting factor is the read speed of the card. I do not use the port for this case (except in a dire emergency) as I am really scared of tripping over the cable (or someone else tripping over the cable). Replacing a damaged port I expect to be expensive. Even more expensive if the camera or lens is damaged.
Sounds more like the user settings are wrong, if it's trying to import into Lightroom Desktop.
I don’t see how a card reader can be, or not be, “compatible with Lightroom”. The reader is managed by the OS. If the OS sees it correctly, then Lightroom will too.