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Feb 9, 2022
Greetings all, I am a still photographer now retired and beginning to publish books for my clients. I have a special high-end client that wants the leather cover, lay-flat coffee table book and about 300 best-quality, thick pages. I have over 5500 images to cull into this book, some collages and many full photos spanning two pages. He wants best quality of everything and largest format possible, probably 10x12. Anybody have experience with a specific publishing vendor that has top-knotch product that also has a flexible page-formatting interface in Lightroom Classic?

As an introduction, I am ArtPhoto Chicago and I ran TheLoft Chicago, now retired into the mountains of western North Carolina. I have experience in studio, concern, fashion, portraits and modeling, food and other product and commercial photography and also political and celebrity editorial photography, Smiles and coaching are truly my "thing" (translation: being a goof and capturing smiles of people happy and being themselves) but I've always enjoyed capturing nature and scenery and wildlife. My current largest client is an injured military veteran and war hero, and he wishes to publish a photo essay of his life and legacy -- pre-war, during the war and post-war-- and he has an amazing story to tell. This is my biggest challenge in my almost 15 years of fulltime photography. I shoot Nikon only, and I have used Lightroom since the early 90s when it was standalone, no subscriptions, and there was no Adobe Creative Cloud.

Thank you. Glad to be here...
Not open for further replies.