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Installing Adobe Stock and Flickr publish to new catalogue

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Mar 8, 2015
London, UK
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Lightroom Classic 10.0
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I recently (with the 'help' of Adobe) had to re-create my catalogue to fix a syncing issue.

Syncing is working fine now, however...

The Adobe help person did not bother checking that I had both Adobe Stock (contributor) and Flickr publish services connected.
I now wish to resume using these services, but when I go to 're-attach' them, I am asked if I want to 'set up'. I am concerned that reconnecting these might sync automatically and potentially not recognise my existing uploaded files in both these platforms.

I've tried to get help from Adobe but keep getting stuck online waiting for a 'specialist' but one never appears.

Has anyone any experience with this please? Thank you!
If Adobe had you create a new catalog and re-import your images, or used the "import from another catalog" tool, neither of these methods will recreate your Publish Services. You will need to enable or add the desired plugins in the plugin manager. Then you will need to re-populate them with images.

The problem is that the other end, say Flickr, will still have the images that were uploaded from your first go round so if you re-populate the Publish Service in LR and then "Publish" you'll wind up with duplicate images on the service. I don't know about Adobe Stock, but you may want to look at Jeff Friedl's Flickr Plug in to use instead of Adobe's Jeffrey Friedl's Blog » Jeffrey’s “Export to Flickr” Lightroom Plugin. Jeff's has a "Sync" panel that may prove useful. I don't know specifically but as you have anew catalog, I'm not sure that even Jeff's will be of much help as some internal serial numbers for images will be different.

Do some experimentation, but I suspect you'll have to start over. If, indeed the plugin's do not detect that images are already in Flickfr or Stock and you wind up with duplicates you can either live with duplicates or delete all the images from those websites before you start. Of course, deleting them will also delete any user comments, participation of images in groups or collection, etc. and if you shared the Flickr or Stock URL's with anyone those will change as well.

Maybe someone else has a better idea but if you indeed wound up with a new catalog and re-imported images you may just be out of luck.
My understanding was that Friedl's Flickr plugin would let you recreate your published collections in a new catalog. But his documentation is pretty clear it may not always work satisfactorily.

You might consider going back to your original catalog and seeing if people here can help you resolve the original Sync problem. Adobe support isn't always the most reliable.
John, Good idea about trying to resurrect the older catalog. With Jeff's wonderful plugin's I've had spotty success with his "repopulate" option - even when using the same catalog used to originally populate the images. It's pretty random which images get relinked and which don't. I assume there is some underlying reason why some do and some don't but i haven't discovered it.
Thanks both for your help.
I'm going to have another go contacting Adobe now - fingers crossed. I suspect the Adobe Stock 'specialist' will not be a Lightroom specialist, but fingers crossed.
I'll investigate the third party Flickr plugin too - thanks. I think I'll try and solve Stock first.

I'm not super-keen to revert to the old catalogue given it really was broken re: syncing.
I guess it is a lesson for anyone rebuilding their own catalogue OR letting someone else play on their computer remotely...
For anyone else with this problem, the solution was indeed to resurrect the old catalogue, ie:
  1. Launch the most recent backup catalogue in which the publish service(s) plugins are present and connected as desired.
  2. Import your current catalogue into this catalogue (ie merge catalogues).
I had been reluctant to try this as I assumed the old catalogue - whch had been abandoned due to the syncing problems which started this in the first place - was 'corrupt' in some way. Today's Adobe helper said that backup catalogues were automatically optimised and 'fixed' - which begs the question why the original person back in 2020 did not just try backing up and then using the backup.
In any case, everything appears to be working.

Today I ended up having TWO Adobe reps sharing my computer and working on the issue (after being passed around through FIVE others in the web chat). Never give up - you eventually get a decent one!
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