Increment date tool?

May 9, 2015
Palo Alto, CA
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Looking for a plug in to adjust/change Image dates (the date seen in View Options, Filters, Smart Collections and sort options. What I need is to select a set of images then with the plug in specify a "start date/time" and an increment. The plugin then should process the selected images, in the order currently displayed in the grid or film strip. The 1st image would get the "start date/time" value. then each subsequent image would get the date/time from the prior image plus (or minus) the increment amount

WHY? With scanning, we have severl tools that can set all selected images to a specific date/time, but with this techinque sorting the grid by capture date does not result in the images being in a chronological order. When there are many images with the same date/time they tend to show up in file name secquence (not sure if this is an actual secondary sort, a remant from the last "sort by" which in my case is usually "by filename", or a standard default). However, many times the file name sequence is more dependent on order scanned rather than sequence shot. I'd like to be able to have a "sort by date/time" put these images in a semblance of order shot by using (for example) 6/1/1955 12:00:00 am then 6/1/1955 12:00:01am, etc.

Thanks -- Dan