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Inconsistent metadata on export from LR mobile


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Aug 26, 2021
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Hello all. Very new to using LR (free mobile version currently) but struggling with some seemingly basic issues that I'm hoping to sort out before I go further... Specifically I'm consistently losing date and location info when I try to export back out of LR. I apologize for the novel, but I'll try to include all relevant data so it maybe maybe sense! FWIW, my goal is just very lightcore editing & cataloguing of personal photos for fun.

I'm importing into app from my gallery (Samsung note 8). The date created & location info is accurate and present in my gallery. The date and time are accurate in the Lightroom app, though I can't seem to identify the location data to check it, but it must be there because sometimes it will be retained on export.

I have tried using all 3 available options I've identified & have verified that metadata & location are set to on in both settings and export... 1) sharing (to one drive). 2) save to device. 3) export.

1) the date and time taken seem to be consistently preserved when sharing to one drive, but see no way to verify location data there. The file size is also smaller, though I'm not sure how important that is for my purposes.

2) & 3) appear to respond more or less exactly the same... The info in the Lightroom app remains accurate but most of the time the location is no longer present in my phone gallery after save/export & the date-time taken are converted to date-time exported. BUT occasionally it WILL actually keep the date and/or location info, though the time is shifted 4 hours. And this is by repeating the exact same steps. For example, I can hit the share button, click save to device 3 times in a row, checking the phone gallery in between, and 1 of the 3 may keep the info while the others don't!

I have tried restarting my phone and I have no available updates showing for the app.

Is this just a crazy bug, am I missing something simple? I don't see anyone else reporting similar issues and I feel a little like I'm crazy because I repeat the same exact steps with different outcomes

Thanks for any input or suggestions!


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Roelof Moorlag

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Jan 27, 2013
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Hi Nicole, welcome to the forum!

I'm sorry no one responded on your question and i too can not help you with this. I'm not familiar with the mobile apps in the Lightroom eco system.
I hope one of the guru's will join