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In-Camera White Balance Settings + RAW


Aug 28, 2016
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I'm sure this subject has been discussed but I can't seem to find an appropriate thread.

So if I'm shooting RAW and set my camera WB to say "Daylight" my understanding is that the RAW file isn't actually altered. However in LR the WB defaults to "as shot". So does that mean that LR is actually rendering the photo in the develop module (as it relates to WB) based on the setting you chose, i.e. AWB, Daylight etc?

I'm confused.


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Dec 23, 2012
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Though AWB in a raw file is a misnomer. The camera will choose a WB setting automatically and record the value it chose in the raw file, hence 'as shot' even with AWB set in camera.

As the WB setting chosen by the camera is recorded in the raw file, you could argue the raw file has been altered, but that doesn't matter. WB as recorded in the raw file is merely a suggested starting point, it has no effect on the image data in the raw file.
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