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Importing Keyword File

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Aug 6, 2018
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CC Classic 7.4
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  1. Windows 10
I have been reading a lot about keywords and how to get them imported into Lightroom. I have created a hierarchical keyword list and formatted it according to my understanding of my reading.
I get the tab indents and the square brackets for non-exporting keywords and all of this seems to import without any problem.
Where I seem to be having a problem is with the list sort order. My understanding is that if I prefix a keyword with the ~ symbol Lightroom will not re-order the list on import but use the order of the items in the file. This does not seem to work and what I get is an alphabetically sorted list of words prefixed by the ~ symbol. The file is a UTF8 which I understand is the correct format.
Am I doing something wrong or just misunderstanding what I've read?
Any help/advice gratefully received.
The list will always be sorted alphabetically. The tilda prefix just allows you to "move" a keyword which would be farther down the list to the top. If you have multiple keywords in the same level prefixed by ~, they will be sorted alphabetically based upon what comes after the ~.
..and there's me thinking that Lightroom was going to do something special when it encountered a tilda in the import file - silly me! The reality seems to be that keywords will always be sorted alphabetically. The tilda (or any character/symbol prefix of lower order than 'a') will just fudge the sort.
Many thanks for the help.
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