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Importing after image loss

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I wasn't able to find the exact issue that I'm trying to deal with. Here is my scenario.

I have a number of images imported, converted to DNG, tagged, keyworded, cropped, etc. The drive that the images were on failed. I have a copy of the original images (.NEF) that I want to convert to DNG and get back into the correct folders for Lightroom to find.

If I perform the standard import then I have to check the "Import Duplicates" option. I'm afraid that this will overwrite the existing data that is currently in the Lightroom catalog for these images.

Am I right in my assumption and if so how do I both copy/rename/convert the images with Lightroom and make sure that my existing data is retained.


Mark Sirota

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Oct 8, 2007
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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I would suggest importing into a new catalog, using the same file structure, and performing the DNG conversion at the same time. Don't bother rendering previews.

Then just throw away the new catalog. The files will be converted and will be in the right place for your old catalog.

Edit: I'm assuming that you didn't lose the old catalog when you lost the image files. Correct me if I'm wrong.


Thanks Mark. Excellent idea. I considered something similar, but I over thought it trying to figure out catalog merges, etc. My existing catalog is fine.

Thanks again.
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