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chantell reid

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Jul 8, 2016
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I have read a similar thread but I am still at a loss.

Nikon D7100, Windows 8 64-bit LR 5.7

Recently and suddenly, trying to import from my camera, I get "not responding" when trying to import. It takes me several attempts for it to finally do something. No thumbnails load. All other functions are working great and once the thumbnails load and I click import, it works great...

so ready to burn something down...
Welcome to the forum! What happens if you try to import images from the hard drive on your computer? I'm wondering if you have a bad cable or connection, and it would be good to rule those out before moving on to software.

It will be worth your while to get a dedicated card reader. Make sure it supports USB 3.1 (your computer usb ports may still be USB 2), but it will be a lot faster than connecting to your camera directly and less likely to damage your camera usb port, etc..
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