import move lost all edit data

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Alan Rampton

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Mar 15, 2017
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Hello I have a question,

I had a collection of photos in a catalogue. I wanted to make a new catalogue so I did did an import / move. However this did not bring over the edit history? So they are just the raw cr2s.

How can I recover this?
Hi Alan, welcome to the forum!

Do you still have your previous catalog with all of the data? We need to work from there.

Why were you wanting to make a new catalog? What were you aiming to achieve? I'm sure we can come up with a better solution that doesn't lose any data.

Tha ks for replying. Yes i do have the old catalogs.
I do wedding photography and earch year i create a jobs catalog .... 2017_weddings
But after many years i have lost track of what wedding is in what catalog. Plus i want to make my new All_weddings catalog sync with lightroom mobile ad you can only sync one calalog at a time. So i thought finding all my wedding date and doing a import move was the best option. Clearly i was wrong.
Were you importing the images or importing the other catalogs into the new catalog? It sounds like you were doing the former when you should've done the latter.
Instead of hitting the import button in the bottom left, you would choose File->Import From Another Catalog.
If you chose to move the images before, then you're going to have a lot of "missing" images which you'll have to find.
Right so in my new calalog go to file and import from other catalog.
Find where my images in the old catalog and import. The imaged will have lots there path and a quedtion mark will show the images are missing. So right click and do find .... sounds easy enough.
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