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Import issues with RAW+JPGs and failure to generate smart previews

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Aug 10, 2017
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Ive been using LR happily for a couple of years or so and am suddenly experiencing import issues. I've set my camera to take RAW+JPG and want to view them both in LR. Last week they uploaded fine, just as expected. Yesterday I got a mix of some RAW+JPG uploading but other files on the same import arrived as two RAW files, one with a -2 added to the number. I retried and a few more JPGs arrived but the remainder did the same again. Today, same as yesterday but with the addition of the failure to generate smart previews. I found a similar thread where the advice was to delete the smart previews lrcat file, which I have done but it hasn't helped.

I have no storage issues and 16Gb RAM.

Can anyone help please?

Well, as no-one seemed able to help, my update is that after several attempts to move/replace the preview .lrcat files, I reinstalled LR. Still no impact. I then moved the preview & smart preview .lrcat files and replaced them from a backup. Previews and smart previews are now building again and LR working at full speed (though the speed degradation I saw may have been due to LR building previews in the background, the speed it was doing so suggested it may be at it for a week).

Haven't tried the upload of RAW/JPEG again yet in case thats what caused the issue in the first place.
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