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Import bug report #2

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Nov 1, 2007
Boucherville, Québec, CANADA
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I will also send this to Adobe and will report on minor Import bug #1 later...

I am now importing by organizing by date since some months and when having some free time, restructuring the older imports within Lightroom and all is fine here. Since Lightroom came alive as a beta, I destroy all exported images after their intended use. With my previous workflow (2''6 and before), I was creating subfolders with what we now call exported images and kept them because, contrary to Lightroom, they were a hassle to recreate. Since Lightroom, I started to erase all those copies before even importing the originals to Lightroom. But as I forgot some of those subfolders...

I never suffered from this bug until I met those two conditions: Organize by date as 2''5/2''5-12-17 AND having subfolders containing images under the folder I want to import. Here are the settings to reproduce both in French and English settings of Lightroom under Mac OS X 1'.5.7:

File handling: Move photos to a new location and add to catalog
File handling: Copy photos to a new location and add to catalog
Move to: No influence on this bug
Organize: By date: 2''5/2''5-12-17
Don't re-import suspected duplicates checked

Between the two last options above, Lightroom should list different choices as All folders (n folders) and each sub-level folder all selected with check marks in front of each as when we Import photos without moving.

The problem is that given those conditions, there is only one line with a check mark selecting everything in the imported folder and all subfolders so I we can not deactivate the import of subfolders.

EDIT: Just retried and this time got a glimpse of an information panel saying something like Calculating dates. So, maybe it is not a bug at all as images in my subfolders were created the same date as the originals and it is very logical that, if I organize by date, everything is grouped together. And maybe I didn't notice before because subfolders contained images with different dates... :roll:

Annoying anyway...
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