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Sync Images not always synchronising properly to Lr

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Apr 13, 2020
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  1. macOS 10.15 Catalina

I edit images from LrC in Photoshop and save them back as TIF files. These TIF files are usually in a Collection to force them to synchronise to Lr on my iPad for viewing. I have noticed that not all files synchronise properly, for example, a file I was working on earlier is b&w but when viewed on in Lr iPad or in Lr on my iMac the image is still showing as a colour image.

I have found that using PSD and not TIF does seem to produce a more consistant result. Is there anything I can do in the way I save the files from Photoshop to improve the compatibility (the maximise compatibility option is enabled). Is this a known issue?

I notice this problem occurs more often when my image contains Smart Objects which have been used with plug-ins like Nik Effects or Topaz, but they always display correctly in LrC, so the problem does seem to be with the synchronisation to the Adobe Cloud.

Thank you for any help
Lightroom Classic syncs smart previews to the cloud, not originals, so the local file format should not be a factor. What you could try is remove any existing smart preview before you place the image in the synced collection, so that you force Lightroom to generate a new smart preview for syncing.
"Files greater than 200 MB". do not sync. Could this be an issue?
I do not think this is the issue as only Smart Previews, sync not the originals themselves, besides I have a lot of larger files which sync perfectly.

I have noticed that this one file seems to be stuck synchronising which must be the cause, I will need to see if I can get it moving.

Thank you for your help.
I do not think this is the issue as only Smart Previews, sync not the originals themselves, besides I have a lot of larger files which sync perfectly.
If the offcial Adobe FAQ say that files over 200 MB do not sync, then I would accept that files over 200 MB do not sync, despite the fact that it’s a smart preview that gets uploaded. Unless you know this better than Acobe, of course.
That's quite a poorly written document from Adobe, and quite ambiguous in relation to file sizes. Yes, files larger than 200mb will sync to the cloud from Classic as smart previews (I've just done 4 of them, each over 500mb).

But the document also explicitly states that Classic only syncs Smart Previews, but makes no mention of the fact that in some cases Classic will upload originals. This happens if any original has been imported to the cloud via any of the Lightroom apps, and that original is synced down to Classic, and if any subsequent physical change is made to the file in Classic (such as writing to XMP of a file such as a Tiff or DNG), in that situation Classic needs to sync that complete file back to the Cloud....and this will fail if the filesize is in excess of 200mb (which is why that part of the document is at least accurate, though the full context should also have been included).

In the situation that I've just described, Classic will actually throw a Sync Error when it tries to upload an original in excess of 200mb (an All Synced Errors entry will appear in the Catalog panel below the All Synced Photographs collection), and the Cloud Sync icon will show an exclamation mark instead of the green checked icon. But the only way out of this impasse is to remove the file from Classic and re-add it back to Lightroom (so the updated file will sync back into Classic).

With my "all originals in the cloud" workflow, in Classic all files greater than 200mb are given the red colour label to signify "DO NOT CTRL-S".
I agree with it being a poorly written document, I have approximately 200 tiff files in LrC Collections that synchronise to Lr that I view on my iPad, usually without issue, the largest is 3.79Gb and it synchronises without issue. Is there a way to see the size of an individual Smart Preview?

To my original question, I have been playing with combination of deleting and recreating Smart Previews and have so far been unable to get my file too look correct on my iPad. I will keep trying. The PSD file of the same image worked first time. I have found LrC to Lr syncing to be painfully slow today so plan to live it active overnight to see if it catches up by the morning.

Thank you for your help.
I think my LrC to Lr sync had got stuck with this particular TIF file. I stopped all my Collections from synchronising, waited for the counter to drop to zero on my iPad, iPhone and in Lr, both the app on my iMac and on the web, then turned on the synchronisation and once it had completed, which is currently 33,757 images the TIF file that had started the problem was looking perfect on all my mobile devices. It is 450Mb.

I will have to wait and see what happens if I edit it again or with next TIF file I create in Ps from an image from LrC.

Thank you for your help

So I have confirmed that I now have two WiP TIF files that has been edited in Ps which will not sync. However, if I remove them from the catalog then resync the folder to reimport them back to exactly where they were they sync perfectly.

This is repeatable.
  • All my files in my catalog are synced
  • Edit one or both of my two WIP TIF files in Ps
  • LrC is now stuck they will not resync after saving from Ps
  • remove TIF files from catalog, but not disk.
  • LrC now says there is nothing to sync.
  • Sync the folder and reimport the TIF files
  • After a few seconds LrC syncs the WIP TIF files perfectly and everything is as it should be and the files have correctly synced and I can see them in Lr on my iPad
  • All my files in my catalog are synced
@hafeatherston gave you a mention as this might help with our issue.
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