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How to share RAW directly from iOS Photos to LR mobile?


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Feb 4, 2020
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Lightroom mobile iOS 5.1.0
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Hello, I had a search and was unable to find any answers to my quandary so am hoping to consult the collective brains here. I’ve even spent a couple hours with Adobe help desk and they were unable to help!

I’ve always sent photos FROM my iPhone’s native Photos app to Lightroom mobile: my workflow is to download all photos from my SD card into Photos, select the photo I want and clicking the “share” button in the bottom left of the screen, selecting Lightroom and sending it to Lightroom. Next time I launched Lightroom, all sent photos are ready to be edited in Lightroom. My issue is this: up until a couple days ago, I was able to send photos in RAW. But now, for no discernible reason, I can only send JPEGs to Lightroom even though the photos are RAW. How do I go back to sending RAW from iOS Photos??

Any solutions (not workarounds!) would be appreciated as this is the workflow that works for me - I don’t understand why it suddenly only started doing this a couple days back - this method was working fine for sending RAW!! *tearing hair out*

Note that if I added photos direct from Lightroom, eg in Lightroom, I click the + button, select From Camera Roll - this imports the RAW file just fine. But this is quite clunky for me as I have to try to pick out the image I want from dozens of similar others, whereas if I could send direct from Photos as I am culling, it is much easier!

Thank you!! Nat
Sep 29, 2007
Isle of Wight, UK
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Hi natc, welcome to the forum! I don't suppose you did an iOS update around then? I suspect it's an iOS change rather than a Lightroom one, but I could be wrong. Any particular reason you wouldn't send drop them all into Lightroom?