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how to restore lightroom classic from a backup

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Apr 14, 2016
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  1. Windows 10
how to restore lightroom 1..1 from a catalog backup file
Sing, please try again on the question. Rephrase it and tell us what happened and what you are trying to do or fix.

Did you have a disk or program crash or are you moving LR and your cat to a new disk or computer?

We don't reload programs from backups. No one backs up programs. You reinstall programs from their web sites. In LR's case that is done via Creative Cloud, which you have since you have LR 12.1.

If you are talking about a corrupted or lost catalog and are just seeking to replace it with the latest backup that is very simple and can be done in about 30 seconds.

Or are you talking about restoring your image files from a backup? That is easy too and computer-related, not LR related.

If you are talking about installing LR on a new disk or computer, well that is the most popular topic on this form and has been asked thousands of times (including by me). This forum is loaded with info on how to do that. It is easy except relinking the cat can be a problem and you can mess that up.

So what are you taking about? What are you trying to do?
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