How to migrate from Lr 6.14 on intel Mac mini to newly subscribed LrC on Mac Studio?


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Apr 4, 2019
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Lightroom version: 6.14
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Hi everyone,

I am just about to start moving from my old mac mini 2012 running macOS Sierra to new Mac studio m2 max with macOS Sonoma,
On my old mini I have Lr on system drive while all photographs on another internal drive. and another 2 external drives as a buckup.
On my new Mac I cannot use my old perpetual Lr 6 so I need to subscribe and LrC will be installed on internal drive but all photographs on external drive. And of course some backup drives for system and photos.
How can I do it in the most efficient way?
Any suggestions are welcome.
I recommend using Apple Migration Assistant to move all of your apps, setting and data to the new Mac. This will include tour LR6 catalog file (And maybe even the LR6 app). You can ignore the LR6 app except to uninstall it. The Next step is to install the Adobe Creative Cloud Application Manager. You will use it to install Lightroom Classic v13.0.1. After LrC in installed you can open it and use the "Open Catalog" menu item to open your LR6 catalog. LrC will read that file and convert the contents to the latest LrC database structure and write this out as an LrC Catalog file. This will be your new master catalog. That should be all that you need to do to start exploring all of the Lightroom features that you have missed out on.