How to batch rename the file extensions

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Jul 17, 2013
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Hey guys,

I'm running out of ideas with this: I do have round about 500 images which are already imported and enriched in lightroom. Those images are all jpegs with the extension *.JPE. Now I wanted to use Marc Rochkind's awesome image-verifier to verify all of my images. Unfortunately the software doesn't recognize the extension *.JPE as jpeg.

So I wanted to convert those images into *.jpg but with no luck.

How can that be done in Lightroom? Any idea... I tested rob coles search&rename plugin but it seems not to do the trick. Any other idea?

Thanks in advance!

Do you have Bridge? It can rename files and change the extension.

Alternatively, save all the metadata to these JPEGs - Ctrl S. Now, how easily can you find all these JPEGs? Are they all in one folder? What you could then do is remove them from Lightroom and import again, specifying Copy or Move in the Import dialog box. These options make the renaming feature available in the Import box, so you can specify lower case.

Or just live with it? What does it really matter?

Hi John,

thanks for your reply. Yes I do have Bridge and I could also easily select all JPE-files. The only thing is that either just renaming or remove/reimport would loose all my keywords/settings so I guess those options wouldn't help. Saving the meta-data into the JPEs might do the trick, but I don't want to alter the file.

I lived with it for some time and I still wouldn't care, however as I said: Some tools don't recoginze those files as a jpg, so it would make live easier if I simply rename it.

Any other idea?

Thanks in advance...
Sorry, I misread your post - these files have the extension JPE? I was thinking it was a "simple" switch to lower case extensions (which is somehow too difficult for Lightroom).

In that case, I'm not sure I can see an alternative to saving settings back to the files. You can use Bridge to remove JPE and add jpg, and then in Lightroom you'd synchronize those folders which would remove the "missing" JPE files and import the jpg equivalents.

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