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How to apply every preset and export the results.

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Jay Clulow

Photographer | Retoucher
Apr 27, 2016
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Lightroom Classic CC 7.4
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  1. macOS 10.13 High Sierra

I'm looking to cull down my presets and what I am looking to achieve is a plugin or method of applying every preset within a set or all of them and have the image exported with the name of the preset applied either watermarked on the image or as the filename. I want to print off contact sheets of the presets I have demonstrating each preset applied.

Does anyone know if this is possible or does a solution already exist to perform this?

I don't know of anything that will do this automatically. It may be possible for a plugin,but I haven't heard of one that does it.

Maybe delete all your presets and see which you miss?
I Googled "presets to virtual copies plugin" and found Excessor....
An even without the plugin it is not too difficult to create the VCs- (Mouse in right hand, Left hand on keyboard)

1. Open an image in the Develop module
2. Expand the Profile Browser open in the Basic Panel
3. Click on a Profile ,
4. Press [Ctrl+'] to create a Virtual Copy
5. Repeat steps 3. and 4. for all possible Profiles.

So that is- Cursor click a profile, [ Ctrl+' ] / Cursor click a profile, [ Ctrl+' ] / Cursor click a profile, [ Ctrl+' ] / Cursor click a profile, [ Ctrl+' ] / , etc, etc,

Naming the Profiles on the contact sheet will require some manual editing of 'Title' or 'Caption' in the metadata. Or simply use the 'Copy Name' in the Photo Info- Text Template Editor.
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Edit: And I should read more carefully- You asked for "Presets"- my answer above is for Profiles!
But to do Presets manually- I would create multiple VCs (Repeat [Ctrl+'] multiple times), then select each one along the filmstrip and click a Preset to apply.
Unless you have ~6000 presets like one forum thread I viewed.:eek:
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