How do I set an imported camera profile to come up whenever I open LR?

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Feb 16, 2008
I have imported some Camera profiles for D3'' raw files (e.g. camera standard, camera vivid, D2X modes etc.), but when I open LR, it always defaults to Adobe Standard. How do I get it to default to one of the others (Camera standard, in particular)? (Screen shot attached).
Mac OS X SL, LR2.6.


1. You could create a Develop preset that includes Calibration set the way you want it, and apply it on import through the import dialog.
2. You could override the default import so that all images imported from this day forward have the new default. You would change those settings you like, like the Profile, and then hold down your option key. The Reset on the RH Panel bottom will change to "Set Default..."
3 You could set your preferences to allow you to have a different default for each camera by serial number. Then you would proceed as in number 2 but you would have to do it for each camera.

How many cameras are you running right now? Would all of your imports be identical going forward?

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