Hovering over "MY ACCOUNT" does show "LOG OUT" on some pages (minor annoyance)

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Oct 22, 2022
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On most pages on this site (i.e. HOME, ABOUT, BLOG, DOWNLOADS, SHOP, and CONTACT), when move the mouse so the pointer is over "MY ACCOUNT" at hover there momentarily, it drops down a menu with "LOG OUT" that I can click on to logout of the site. On the FORUM page, the page for a particular forum, or the page for particular forum thread, the menu with "LOG OUT" doesn't appear. Instead I have to click on my avatar, find the "Log out" item (its at the bottom, but I can never remember because other websites are different) and click on it. It would be nice if the forum pages behaved like the other pages, as that is much friendlier behavior (IMHO).

In case it matters, I'm using Firefox 110.0 (64-bit) on Window 10 Pro.
Thanks for flagging it up. Besides the scenes, there's two different pieces of software running (the main site, plus the forum) so there will be some differences, but I hadn't spotted that one. I'll see if I can replicate that logout button in the forum software... might be a few weeks but it is safely on my list.
My Sunday afternoon entertainment... I think that's working now. It'll still have to ask you for confirmation to log out, like the log out under your avatar, but hopefully it'll save at least one step for you.
Even though I enjoyed my 40 year career as a software engineer (recently retired), that doesn't sound much like entertainment to me. :LOL:

It looks like its working for me. Thanks!
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