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"Hide Rejects" Problem

Douglas Barker

New Member
Sep 29, 2016
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Lightroom Version
I have a collection in which some photos have color labels, some have star ratings, some have "reject flags", and some have no attributes yet.

When I select "hide rejects" , it does hide the rejects, but all color labeled images also become hidden. (I notice that the moment I select "hide rejects" the library filter bar appears with both "attribute" and "metadata" selected--is this normal?). I'm baffled. Any ideas how to make "hide rejects" work properly?


Senior Member
Nov 27, 2013
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Lightroom Version
Classic 8
If you click on "Attribute" you will see the 'flag' icons for selective viewing.
When you click on one 'flag' icon you toggle the view for that flag to be 'ON'.
Click it a second time and it toggles 'OFF'
You can toggle two of the flag icons simultaneously to see images with either of the two flags applied. (Eg. Un-flagged & flagged) this is what you want, To NOT view the 'Rejected'.
ScreenShot228.jpg Flagged & Un-flagged - toggled ON

ScreenShot227.jpg Rejected - toggled ON
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