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Hidden Trash folder with Lightroom Classic and Dropbox on Mac


New Member
Apr 3, 2024
Lightroom Version Number
Lightroom Classic version: 13.2
Operating System
  1. macOS 14 Sonoma
This issue was raised in a thread a year or so ago, and the same behaviour persists. It concerns photos stored in Dropbox on the Mac which have been imported into Lightroom Classic and then deleted from within LR (through Delete Rejected Photos/Delete from Disk).
1) Photos stored in Dropbox that are deleted from disk in this manner are NOT moved to the system trash.
2) Instead, they are moved into a 'super-hidden' folder created in Dropbox with the name .Trash.
3) It is 'super-hidden', as it can not be revealed by the standard shortcut Command Shift Dot in Finder. A terminal command 'ls -lA 'for the relevant folder will reveal such super-hidden files.
4) The Dropbox/.Trash folder, however, does show up in disk space apps such as DaisyDisk, which is how I discovered that I had 180 GB of deleted files in this hidden Dropbox/.Trash folder!
5) As far as Dropbox the company is concerned it is a Mac/LR issue, not a Dropbox issue. The photos deleted in the Dropbox folder from within Lightroom, as described above, duly disappear from the Dropbox server and are moved to the Recently Deleted files folder on their server.
6) A photo deleted in the Dropbox folder in Finder (rather than from within Lightroom) is handled in the expected way and is moved to the system trash/bin.
7) Similarly, a photo stored outside Dropbox, imported into LR and then deleted from within LR is handled in the normal way and moved to the system trash/bin.
8) In summary, this is a particular issue for users who store their photos in Dropbox, import them to LR, triage and delete them from disk from within LR. The deleted files will appear in a super-hidden .Trash folder in Dropbox, and not in the system trash. They will take up storage space, but can be deleted in disk space apps that reveal the hidden folder, or with appropriate Terminal commands.