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Develop module Help! Time to switch between photos?


New Member
Jul 8, 2024
Lightroom Version Number
Operating System
  1. Windows 11
Please help, this is driving me crazy! Wedding photographer here, so thousands of pictures.

Library module works really fast and snappy (also exporting and previews), BUT in develop module it takes 1-2 seconds going between photos (maybe doesn't sound like much but again: thousands of pics) - when I press the right arrow (for example) five times, it skips all photos in between because it's so slow and laggy and doesn't stop at each single photo. It's really a pain to work with, feels non-reactive as if I had 50 other programs opened. I'm not sure since when this is happening! Just spent a low of money on a new computer a while ago for faster working:

Windows 11 Pro 64 Bit
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor 16 CPUS 3,8 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
32 RAM
(when skipping through photos it uses ~40% RAM and CPU each)

- Camera: Canon R6ii compressed 24 MP RAWS (same with DNGs or JPG)
- LR tried with 13.1 and upgraded to 13.3 -> same!

- Photos stored on an Sata HDD (TOSHIBA MG08ACA16TE 16000,9 GB)
- Catalog stored on a fast NVM Express SSD (KINGSTON SNVS1000G 1000,2 GB)
-> Tried to move Photos + Catalog on the same SSD -> no difference

- Synching, Face detection etc -> Everything off
- Removed almost all of my presets from LR to see if it makes a difference
- Doesn't matter if preset is applied or not (!) still slow
- LR GPU Settings on/off no difference

- Tried every kind of previews, no difference (of course even slower with no previews)

How is it working for you? How long do you have to wait in develop mode? Also 1-2 seconds or is it snappy like the library mode? Thanks !!!
I suspect the improved hardware archicture of Apple M series is a big factor.

Great and thanks for posting.

On most (not sure if all) Win hardware the Gpu and CPU memory are separate and it is not a trivial exercise to pump large volumes of graphic data between Gpu and Cpu.

This is likely to be a fast evolving area going forward.

As I have already invested in a higher end gpu ,cpu, motherboard and M2 drives I am stuck for the medium term, but will be watching developments in this space.

But, aside from this, I hope Adobe quickly resolve various gremlins associated with recent upgrades.
I just tested on a Macbook M3 Pro and its significantly faster! No grayed out panels anymore (left and right) while skipping from image to image.. it's a shame it's not optimized for Windows!
I was a Windows user since the days of DOS. I developed applications in Microsoft C++ and other Windows programming tools. Later, I was developing HTML apps using Adobe Dreamweaver. In 2008 I retired from the IT industry and by that time was using Lightroom for my personal photography habit.
I noticed that "a solution" for many Windows problems was to erase the primary disk and start over with a fresh install. I never resorted to that preferring instead to spend time under the hood cleaning up the detritus that the many Windows apps would scatter through out the registry.
On retiring I realized that I no longer needed my Windows based programming tools and was attracted to the Mac side by the Lightroom users here.

The Microsoft environment is diverse and there are many permutations and combinations of hardware that can make up a Windows environment. It is such that it may be impossible for a software developer (like Adobe) to thouroughly test its application in the Windows environment. In the Apple camp, Apple controls the Operating System which is mostly Posix compliant (think UNIX) and they control the hardware. By doing so, Apple is able to provide a standard hardware/software environment that makes it (IMO) easier to code to and debug. I think it is for this reason that it is easier to optimize apps like LrC on a Mac.

I think Microsoft has realized this too. Several years ago, Microsoft introduced their own hardware environment (Surface Line of computers) There they not only have control over the operating system but also the hardware and drivers that support the hardware.