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Hello from Germany


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Nov 5, 2018
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Hi everyone,

my name is Ruediger, and I was born, raised and still live in Germany. I'm taking photos as a hobby with my MFT Olympus equipment (as with recently developed interest in hiking and cycling I needed to go light), but I started to improve the resulting images several years ago. Starting out with Photoshop, and switching to a RAW workflow with Aperture, the demise of the latter brought me back to Adobe, specifically Lightroom naturally.

I only modify the pictures in aspects like cropping and exposure correction and the likes, no creative composition stuff. I like to keep the original image intention, just improving on my limited photography skills.

I joined this forum to see if I can get helpful suggestions on how to improve my workflow, and maybe also find some answers to questions I might have. I'll try to also contribute, should I have an answer to a question someone with even more limited knowledge or skill asks.

So, that's me, now let me read some posts to get to know you all.

Best regards,


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Nov 16, 2015
California, USA
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Welcome! This forum is just full of people with differing levels of Lightroom skills and eager to share knowledge with each other. One way to get started is just to review the titles of message threads in the archives for your version of Lightroom. Personally I find it useful to download some threads and create PDFs. (I use Adobe Acrobat Pro, but there are many alternatives available for this purpose.) I even highlight parts of the text.

Also look at the various books available here: Shop | The Lightroom Queen. There are many books available for Lightroom, but I have found that Victoria's books are among the best, and they are easy to read, even if your native language is not English.

Personally, I have benefitted a lot from membership in this forum.

Phil Burton

Paul McFarlane

Lightroom Queen Publishing
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Nov 5, 2017
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A very big welcome, Ruediger!

I'm sure you'll find the Forum not only informative but also friendly, with Members happy to share information and assistance

And I have to echo the comments of Phil, Victoria's books (especially as I see you're a CC Cloud user, the latest 'Edit Like a Pro') are well written and very informative

Good to have you with us!