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HEIC photos from Xiaomi 12S Ultra can't be imported into Lightroom Classic Latest version?

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Dec 18, 2012
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  1. Windows 11
I can see everything but the HEIC files in the folder in the import dialog, and this is on the LATEST version of lightroom.

I have the native HEIF plugin from Win Store installed too and I can preview them in Photos app.

Any suggestions please?
I assume that phone is running Android? Android HEICs are now fully supported in LR:

I suggest you upload a problem .heic to Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar and post the sharing link here. That will let us quickly determine whether the issue is with the photo itself or your particular Lightroom installation.
That sample photo imports into my LR 11.5 / Windows 11 and Mac OS 12.4:


I tried it both without the HEVC Video Extensions installed and then with, and it succeeded both times. Which points the finger at something specific in your LR installation.

Are you importing the photos from the local disk or from the phone via a cable? And do other file types import from the same folder correctly?
Hmm. Just a couple of weak suggestions to narrow down the issue:

1. Put a JPEG and the HEIC in a folder by themselves and post a full-resolution screenshot of the entire Import window with that folder selected. Perhaps that will suggest clues.

2. Try putting a JPEG and the HEIC on a memory card or memory stick and importing from there -- it's a stretch (a long one), but perhaps there's something peculiar with file permissions of the current disk location.
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