Having sync issues between Lr (Cloud based) and LrC (Classic)

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Jan 20, 2021
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  1. macOS 11 Big Sur
I used to be able to create albums in the cloud based version of Lightroom (Lr), and since my Lightroom Classic is connected to the cloud, I would see a new collection in LrC that would match the newly created album in Lr.

Now, this doesn't happen anymore. I only noticed yesterday, but it might have not been syncing for a while... (maybe since I moved that automatically generated collection set into another folder???)

Here's the tricky part. Images ARE synching. If I throw an image on the cloud, it will download on my Lightroom Classic.

The problem is that the cloud-based ALBUMS are not converting into COLLECTIONS in Lightroom Classic anymore.

I've tried logging off and back on from the creative cloud. I've moved the collection set back to its original place (thinking that might be the issue), but that didn't work either.

Another thing to point out is I have 27 photos that are just hanging... not synching at all. Could be related?

Anyone know how to fix that?
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