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GPS data not imported

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Oct 18, 2013
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  1. macOS 13 Ventura
I don't shoot video very often but last night I imported some work and there were 3 videos included. 2 were shot on my Nikon and had GPS data included and viewable in the EXIF in LR but were not tagged in the Map module (meaning they did not get placed anywhere on the map but I was able to drag them to the correct location).

However, one video I shot on my iPhone using ProCamera and when imported into LR no GPS location data was imported, yet when looking in the finder that data is clearly there (see screenshots).

Also the times for Date Time Digitized and Date Time are both wrong by many hours but correct in the finder view. All the other photos I shot have correct GPS and time data showing in LR as usual.

Does anyone know why this happens? Thanks.

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 8.48.31 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 9.00.44 AM.png
Regarding GPS locations, the only practical way to troubleshoot this is to upload the problem videos to Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar and post the sharing link here (or send it to me via a private message).

Regarding the dates/times of videos, it's an industry mess. The only date/time field that should look correct for iPhone videos is what LR calls "Capture Date" in the Metadata > Default panel. For videos, that capture date won't appear in the Metadata > EXIF panel. (Date time Digitized and Date Time are not what you think they are and should be ignored.)

However, since the video was taken by the ProCamera app and not the default Apple Camera app, I don't know if LR will handle the capture date correctly. Again, the only practical way to troubleshoot this is to provide a copy of the video.
The issue with missing GPS location data and incorrect timestamps for the iPhone video in Lightroom might be resolved by manually adding the GPS coordinates and adjusting the timestamps within Lightroom, or by checking the import settings and metadata options when importing the video.
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