Getting XMP out of DNGs (LR & DXO)

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I am using LR in conjunction with DXO Optics to process RAW files. I use DXO only for optical & noise corrections.

Since DXO works only on RAW files, I use it first (I tried using it as a LR plug-in, but found it very cumbersome). DXO has three output options: JPEG, TIFF and DNG. I have been using DNG. This works ok, except that these DNGs are 'demosaiced' files, which, among other things, means that they are very large (35MB - 4'MB) -- more than 3x larger than the original RAW files.

I then work with these files in LR, and any modifications I make are saved back into the DNG. For cataloging & slideshow purposes I generate high-res JPEGs from LR.

For archiving purposes, I would only like to store my original RAW files (1/3 the size) and also the LR modifications I have made (the XMP data). My DXO settings are simple, so if I wanted to print something, I can easily recreate the DNG from the RAW.

My question is how do I extract and archive the XMP data? I can't find a way to get LR to save a separate XMP file when working with DNGs. If I 'Export as Catalog...' and destroy the DNGs files, if I recreated them later and reimported them, would it reapply the metadata?

Any better ideas?

Thank you.
Not open for further replies.