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Geotagging "Places" is both United States & United States of America

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Jan 29, 2019
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LR Classic 8.2.1
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  1. Windows 10
I've been geotagging my photos using track logs & manual placement since the feature first became available and have over 20,000 photos tagged. I have a few countries tagged and never really paid attention to them, but today I noticed that for ones in the US, about 18,000 say the country is "United States of America" and 7,000 simply have it as "United States." If I drag & reposition the coordinates on the map or delete them and re-add them to the photos, the country changes to United States of America, but if I simply click the refresh button to re-pull the info from the servers, it remains as just United States. I've tried selecting a bunch of photos & refreshing/repulling, but the country never changes.

It appears like the ones that are United States only were tagged a few years ago and the Unites States of America ones were tagged more recently based off the dates they were taken, but there are some older ones & new ones that don't follow the trend. I know I've tweaked the coordinates on some photos over time when I noticed they weren't right, but I can't remember which ones I've done. Any thoughts on how I can force it to reload as United States of America without having to cut & paste coordinates in for 7,000 files? I'd prefer them be all the same, but it may not be easily doable.

I'm running LR Classic CC 8.2.1, Build 120693 on Windows 10.

I would select (in the Library Grid) all the images which have "United States", then open the Metadata Panel and simply type "United States of America" into the Country box in the location section. No need to "force reload" the automatic reverse geocoding. That reverse geocoding only offers suggestions, which can be accepted if OK, or can be changed manually by the user to whatever the users wants (when I'm tagging new images, I routinely change the suggested "United Kingdom" to whichever part of the UK I was in at the time, usually "England").
Thank you so much, Jim. I didn't even think of that option. Sometimes the direct & easy solution evades me, and I make things harder than they need to be. I honestly probably wouldn't have changed them, but it would have bugged me. Now I can change them, and it will save me a ton of work. Thanks again!
I suspect the geopolitical name was clarified at some point as the United States of America is specific to this country as there are several "United States" that are countries. The one that comes to my mind is "Estados Unidos Mexicanos". To further add to the confusion, our country and the one south of our border are both in "America".

I like Jim's solution.
Exactly, and the country to our north is also in America...North America. North America is not just the USA, but sometimes people forget in conversation. It's not a huge thing, but the OCD side of me will be happier knowing everything is tagged the same. If I hadn't discovered it, I wouldn't have minded, but now that I did, I'd like them all the same. I like Jim's solution too and will use it.
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